Gary Richardson

Shakedown in the Mountains

Author of the Bill Parker
Mystery Series
Bill Parker likes to help his friends when they ask. These requests seem very innocent in the beginning and then he finds that things are not as straightforward as he thought. With the aid of his bright and determined wife, Addie, Parker provides this assistance gladly but discovers that danger has become his constant companion. He is not brilliant, but he is honorable, stubborn, practical, and brave. That's Bill Parker.

  from Shakedown in the Mountains



Shakedown in the Mountains

This new book by Gary P. Richardson, is the first he has written using his own name.  Three previous novels were written under a pen name, Robert A. Pittman.   Gary has decided to use his own name, now that he has retired from the Vermont Legislature and is writing full time.
Shakedown in the Mountains  still uses a background of fact, logic and truth, contained in a story that helps add authenticity to the subject matter.  In other words, this exciting and riveting book  will add to your knowledge, and analyze what is, or might be happening to Vermonters' everyday lives.
Shakedown also continues the career of Bill Parker. Those of you who enjoy Parker's exploits, accomplishments and style will not be disappointed. You who are new to Bill Parker and his friends have a treat coming.  Here is an excerpt and summary of what Shakedown in the Mountains is all about.


Suddenly Parker’s self-imposed time limit was reached. Enough mental wandering, he thought. But it used up time by thinking of something pleasant instead of bad people and bad nights. He stepped to the double doors and pushed one open.

Two small lights were on the stage, providing enough illumination so that a person could walk without wondering where he would be when he broke his ankle.

Parker stood just inside the doors, at the back of the hall, and listened. Completely silent. Then he started slowly down the aisle, listening with both his eyes and his ears. He stopped at the edge of the stage.

A voice suddenly seeped out of the gloom from the back of the stage. It was so unexpected that Parker visibly jumped.

“Welcome, Mr. Parker,” the voice said. “You’re right on time. Come up on the stage. We’ll do our business and you’ll be on your way.”

Parker couldn’t make out anything in the darkness of the stage. Even the areas where the small amount of illumination available made itself felt, the dark contrast of the folds in the back curtains still made it impossible for him to see any details of his surroundings.

“Is Miss McCarron with you?” asked Parker.  He started up the makeshift stairs at the front of the stage.

“That was our bargain, Mr. Parker,” said the voice. At that moment Parker stepped up onto the stage. He looked around and saw faint movement of the curtains at the back of the stage. Then Ruth McCarron, eyes blindfolded, stepped through them, guided by a small man. “So far you’ve done well, Mr. Parker. Keep it up and we’ll be through very quickly.” Ruth had her hands bound and from her wrists was a sort of leash, held onto by her companion. She walked with her head down, facing the floor.  Ruth stopped beside her captor.

Parker had his back to the darkness of the seats in the auditorium, facing this little man. Parker started to reach inside his shirt where the papers were taped to his side.

“Hand the document over, Mr. Parker. I’ll take the document and check it. Then I’ll hand you the leash. Simple.  And don’t try anything, please. I cheated on our agreement – and you bought it. I’m covered and so are you. Thank you very much,” he said, as he reached out his hand. “We won’t see . . . . . .”

Parker heard a sort of loud cough from behind and, as he started to turn around, he saw the instantaneous  look of shock on the face of  this little man.....................................



Shakedown in the Mountains 
Two of the most well-known institutions join in their efforts to change Vermont in a fundamental way. Bill Parker learns that older citizens have valuable contributions to make in frightening circumstances. read more
by Gary P. Richardson ~ 0-7414-4005-9 ©2007
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