Gary Richardson
Author of the Bill Parker mystery series  

Bill Parker likes to help his friends when they ask. These requests seem very innocent in the beginning, and then he finds that things are not as straightforward as he thought. With the aid of his bright and determined wife, Addie, Parker provides this assistance gladly but discovers that danger has become his constant companion. He is not brilliant, but he is honorable, stubborn, practical, and brave. That's Bill Parker.


Across State Lines

 The subject of this exciting, new Bill Parker mystery begins when, Bill is asked by one of his elderly  friends in Vermont, to meet a man in Denver, who will bring information, sure to be considered important.

 When Parker arrives in Denver he begins an unanticipated journey, that brings him close to events that place him in  dangerous situations. He is then forced to confront a movement designed to bring America to its knees. 

Addie, Parker's wife, is also close to the same danger that her husband faces and she puts her life on the line to save him. The various friends Parker has made, over the years,  also step forward to add new uncommon approaches to problem-solving. 


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About the Author

Gary Richardson is an 8th generation Vermonter, and a University of Vermont graduate. He began his business career in locomotive sales and service, then moved on to administrative positions, also in  Vermont. He left the business world to serve three terms in the Vermont House of Representatives.
It was during this time that he witnessed major changes taking place in Vermontís political direction. A friend, and member of the majority opposition party, confided to Gary that his party was advocating policies, and legislation that constituted
another agenda, of which he, and many of his friends in his party,  had no knowledge. Gary has  remembered these conversations.

So, at the end of his service in the House, Gary decided to write a mystery novel.

  THE LEGISLATIVE BODY, set in Vermont, is based upon his own observations while he was in the Legislature. He followed it with four more books in the series, His fifth  book, ACROSS STATE LINES , is now available. , and it carries his real name Gary Richardson.

Gary had written the first three books using a pen name, Robert A. Pittman.

The series hero, Bill Parker, is modeled after a person he admires and respects, who is still in the House.  From now on, Gary's real name, Gary Richardson,
will appear as author. 

Gary has been singing bass in an award-winning barbershop quartet for the past 25 years.  He and his wife Barbara, a super-critical proofreader, live in a small town in Southern Vermont. He has served on the school board,  and as Justice of the Peace, and is currently on the Board of Directors of the Fish and Game club, as well as a local hospital Corporator.    



"Shakedown in the Mountains"

Bill Parker rides again, the subject of this exciting new Bill Parker mystery. It is the combination of two well-known Vermont institutions that Parker discovers have a different private agenda from their public one. These two institutions have found a way to discourage any serious investigation of their agenda, and at the same time, squeeze money from Vermont taxpayers.

Parker's intrusion into their efforts brings danger and intrigue to the otherwise placid existence of rural Vermont. The  out-of-state reader can justifiably wonder, "Is my state next?"

"The Legislative Body"


Fans of murder mysteries, politics, and Vermont and its characters, will enjoy  this book. Following the death of a fellow legislator, Vermont State Representative Bill Parker discovers that Vermonters are in serious danger from a political agenda that has been advanced over the past thirty years.  While attempting to expose what he has learned, Parker discovers that the threat has reached deeply into every part of the lives of all Vermonters.  His personal life, his business, and his family and friends, become targets of a determined and ruthless enemy, with a climax on the floor of the Vermont House Chamber.  


"Still Waters"

 In this second book in the adventures of former Vermont State Representative Bill Parker, he is once again confronted with the unexpected death of an old friend.  As an executor of his friendís estate, he uncovers a plot so monstrous that he doesnít believe it could be happening.  But when the lives of his loved ones are threatened, he begins an investigation that takes him to northern Vermont, Colorado, and Arizona, on the trail of a killer, and into the worlds of dry-fly fishing, and postage stamp collecting.  A final confrontation takes place in rural Grand Isle County in Vermont, where Bill puts his life on the line.


 "Green Mountain Breakdown" 

Bill Parker, former Vermont State Representative, is asked by an old friend and reporter in the Vermont media to help her with a problem she has come upon while researching an article for her newspaper. Her problem seems to Parker to be one that is not at all as serious as she believes, but he  is glad to help her by checking into her claims in a quiet way. This simple investigation leads Bill into the world of politics, environmental activism, and national non-profit organizations, and places him in a situation where danger is his  constant companion. The final act of his investigation takes place at night in the back streets of Vermontís capital city, Montpelier, where the danger and death become all too real. 


 Gary Richardson IS Robert A. Pittman.  Pittman is a pen name.  Early on it seemed like a good idea, but as thngs developed, and "Legislative Body" took on a life of its own, Gary decided is was time to use his own name, so inboth .In both Shakedown in the Mountains, and the his book Across State Lines,

Gary Richardson is the listed author.






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