Gary Richardson


Author of the Bill Parker
Mystery Series
Bill Parker likes to help his friends when they ask. These requests seem very innocent in the beginning and then he finds that things are not as straightforward as he thought. With the aid of his bright and determined wife, Addie, Parker provides this assistance gladly but discovers that danger has become his constant companion. He is not brilliant, but he is honorable, stubborn, practical, and brave. That's Bill Parker.

 The subject of this exciting, new Bill Parker mystery begins when, Bill is asked by one of his elderly  friends in Vermont, to meet a man in Denver, who will bring information, sure to be considered important.

 When Parker arrives in Denver he begins an unanticipated journey, that brings him close to events that place him in  dangerous situations. He is then forced to confront a movement designed to bring America to its knees. 

Addie, Parker's wife, is also close to the same danger that her husband faces and she puts her life on the line to save him. The various friends Parker has made, over the years,  also step forward to add new uncommon approaches to problem-solving. 

                     Sneak Peek from Across State Lines



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Across State Lines 
Bill Parker leaves Vermont, just for a few hours, to do a simple favor for a close friend. This brief trip leads to threats that turn into weeks of never-ending danger for Parker and America. He also finds that his friendís career touches on evil and death, endangering anyone who comes close to it. read more
by Gary P. Richardson ~ 0-7414-6312-1 ©2011
Price: $21.95 


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